Dog’s Play and Training Center


Group Obedience Classes


Beginner's Obedience

Ages approximately four months and over

Basic obedience and problem solving.

Learn to communicate effectively with your dog through the use of simple obedience commands.  As your dog learns ways to earn your positive attention, good behavior will be repeated and problem behaviors will be solved.  This class will help owners learn to integrate basic commands into real-life applications.

Problem areas covered include jumping, chewing, digging, barking, nipping, housebreaking and door crashing.

Commands taught are "Sit", "Stay", "Down", "Come" “Leave- It” & “Loose Leash Walking”.

Class meets once per week for six weeks.

All vaccinations required.          Price:  $150.00


Intermediate Obedience

Ages approximately five months and over

Dogs should be proficient on all basic commands.

Your dog has learned the basics and now you're ready to fine-tune.  Whether you're wanting a really well-mannered companion or are preparing to show your dog in Novice Obedience (or anywhere in between), this class will meet your needs.  All basic commands will be polished with distractions, with an emphasis on gaining off-leash control.  Training games like relay races and musical chairs help keep your dog interested.

Class meets once per week for four weeks.

All vaccinations required.         Price:  $100.00

To register for a class...

By mail: click on Forms and print out a Group Class Registration Form.  Mail the form and payment to 3160 W. Parker Rd.  Plano, TX 75075

In person: come by Monday through Friday anytime from 7:00AM - 6:30PM. 

By phone: use your credit card to hold your place in class.

*Please check your calendar to be sure you can attend all classes.  We do not schedule make-up sessions.